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Give Your Roof a Makeover: How to Match Your Roof Type with the Right Orlando Roof Cleaning Company

Have you approached your house and just thought it looked sad? Not bright and happy like when you moved in, but just a little sad. If so, it’s definitely time to consider a thorough professional roof cleaning.

Hiring a professional roof cleaning Orlando company is the best way to brighten up your home in a huge way.

However, not all roof cleaning companies are equal when it comes to handling all types of roof materials.

That’s why it’s so important when choosing a roof cleaning company in Orlando to make sure they have the necessary experience and expertise with your particular roof type to get the job done right.

Tile Roof Cleaning
Tile roofs tend to accumulate dirt, mildew and debris in the spaces between the tiles over time, especially in Central Florida’s humid climate.

That’s why if you have a tile roof, you’ll want to find an Orlando roof cleaning company that specializes in tile roof cleaning.

Your roof tiles are fragile and susceptible to damage during cleaning. So it’s crucial to use a gentle approach that requires special chemicals and application methods to avoid cracking, breaking or dislodging them.

Therefore, beware of roof cleaning companies that use high-pressure techniques that will damage your tile roof.

Softwashing is the most effective way to remove dirt, mold and algae from your roof without damaging the tiles.

A reputable tile roof cleaning company will use a gentle softwash cleaning process and safe cleaners designed for tile.

Shingle Roof Cleaning
Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common roof types for Central Florida homes (and throughout the United States for that matter). This is due to their affordability, versatility and ease of installation.

However, shingle roofs can be more prone to mold and algae growth, which can compromise your roof’s appearance and structural integrity.

When looking for a shingle roof cleaning company in Orlando, it’s essential to find one that is experienced in cleaning asphalt shingles.

Asphalt shingles are delicate, so using a gentle cleaning method helps preserve their integrity and avoid damaging the shingle edges.

Make sure they don’t use high pressure roof cleaning, which can push water under shingles and lead to leaks. Care must also be taken around any existing loose or damaged shingles.

Clay Roof Cleaning
Clay tile roofs are renowned for their durability, energy efficiency and timeless beauty.

However, clay tile roofs need expertise to clean properly to restore the roof’s beauty and function, as mold, mildew and dirt can accumulate over time.

A professional clay roof cleaner will know how to safely clean the tiles without using too much pressure or harsh chemicals that could cause pits and cracks.

They may use a softwash cleaning technique using specialized cleaning agents to tackle stubborn stains without compromising the integrity of the roofing material.

Rinsing thoroughly is key during the clay roof cleaning process, along with avoiding spraying into open tile seams.

Metal Roof Cleaning
Metal roofs are valued for their longevity and resistance to weathering. While metal roofs are relatively low-maintenance, they can still accumulate significant amounts of dirt, dust and mildew over time.

Metal roofs require specialized care and specific cleaning solutions to avoid corrosion or scratches. A reputable metal roof cleaning company will know how to clean and protect your roof.

Make sure your professional metal roof cleaner uses a detergent made for metal combined with a softwash cleaning technique. This combination will safely remove dirt and residue from your metal roof.

Avoid professional roof cleaners who use abrasive cleaners or high pressure for metal roofs. Pressure washing must be avoided to prevent shingle granule loss, which could drastically reduce your roof’s lifespan.

Note that metal roofs can be more susceptible to rust and paint damage, requiring regular inspections and maintenance. Rust stains may need special rust removers.

Give Your Roof the Specialized Cleaning It Deserves
By choosing a roof cleaning company in Orlando with demonstrated experience in cleaning your particular roof type, you can ensure your roof gets the specialized care it needs.

This will allow you to enjoy a freshly cleaned and revitalized roof that will be the envy of your neighbors.

If you notice any signs that your roof needs cleaning, simply reach out to Mallard Systems today to request a free estimate. For over 30 years, our roof cleaning specialists have protected and preserved roofs just like yours throughout Orlando. Contact us today!

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