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Explore the Benefits of Our Softwash Cleaning Process

Did you know that high-pressure washing can cause severe damage to your shingle or tile roof, home exterior or even concrete surface? That’s why Mallard Systems pioneered a safe and effective low-pressure softwash roof cleaning and sanitation method in Central Florida 30 years ago, and we’ve been perfecting it ever since!

Mallard specialist using softwashing process to clean roof

Our Softwashing vs. High-Pressure Washing

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High-Pressure Washing

Protects Your Shingle or Tile Roof from Damage

Safe for Your Home’s Exterior and Concrete Surfaces

Uses Non-Harsh “Duck Sauce” Cleaning Solution

Delivers Longer-Lasting Roof Cleaning Results

Features a Plant and Property Protection Guarantee

Softwashing Results

Pressure washing garage door of Orlando home

The Secret’s in the Sauce

Our signature Duck Sauce, that is! Our specially formulated, proprietary cleaning solution, known affectionately as “Duck Sauce,” provides a perfect blend of powerful ingredients that gently and fully eliminate the ugly growth on your shingles or tiles, whether it be algae, mold or mildew. This allows us to deliver consistently great results for you no matter how challenging the roof cleaning we face.

Our low-pressure softwash roof cleaning technique removes algae and makes your roof look like new. We also often use a softwash technique to clean exteriors. Our cleaning expertise makes us the most trusted roof and exterior cleaning specialists in Central Florida for customers who expect nothing but the best from their softwash roof cleaning company.

Protect Your Premises with Our Softwashing Techniques

Another way that we stand heads and shoulders above is by taking every possible precaution to protect your home during our comprehensive softwash roof cleaning and sanitizing services. We use protective barriers to prevent any softwash solution from impacting your grass, shrubs and flower beds.

In the unlikely event that we should damage any plants or property during your roof or exterior cleaning, we’ll cover the cost to fix the problem through our Plant and Property Protection Guarantee. That provides extra peace of mind for you.

Plant & Property protection guarantee
Mallard specialists pressure washing the side of an apartment

Softwashing Techniques Brighten and Refresh Your Home

Our low-pressure softwash roof cleaning process combined with our signature Duck Sauce and exceptional team of cleaning specialists who are fully licensed and insured ensures that your roof will return to its original glory.

Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and discover the Mallard Systems difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will roof cleaning damage my tiles or shingles?

    Our highly effective low-pressure softwash roof cleaning method will never damage your shingles or tiles. We’ve perfected our softwashing technique over the past 30 years in Central Florida.

  • What special solution do you use to clean my roof?

    Our proprietary “Duck Sauce” quickly and effectively cleans your roof by killing algae, mildew and mold growth at a cellular level. Schedule a free estimate for your softwash roof cleaning today!

  • Will my property be protected during the roof cleaning process?

    We take every available precaution to protect your property during the entire softwash roof cleaning process. Our Plant and Property Protection Guarantee provides you with extra peace of mind.