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Deck Cleaning Orlando

Enjoy Your Outdoor Areas to the Fullest with Expert Deck Cleaning Orlando Services

Your pool, deck and screened-in living areas expand your living space and provide you with the best of the laid-back Florida lifestyle.

That’s why you should rely on our screen and pool deck cleaning Orlando service to eliminate the embarrassing buildup of debris, mold, algae and mildew that makes your deck area less inviting.

Pool screen before getting pressure washedPool screen after getting pressure washed

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Top of pool screen before cleaningTop of pool screen after cleaning

Why Is Screen and Pool Deck Cleaning Orlando So Important?

Your deck and screened-in outdoor areas are where you entertain your guests and hold parties, so it’s important to keep these areas looking clean and inviting. However, looks are just part of the reason to keep these areas clean. Pool enclosures and porches that get green algae buildup on the screens and structures themselves are very difficult to clean without damage.

The longer you wait, the more stubborn the algae buildup becomes and the more aggressive the cleaning required.

Additionally, the buildup of leaves, dirt and debris can be a breeding ground for insects and a hiding place for all kinds of other animals like snakes, lizards and mice. Once you let this debris collect near your home, you’re setting the stage for an indoor infestation.

Extend the Life of Screen Enclosures with Regular Cleaning

Screened-in enclosures need regular cleaning to avoid the thick buildup of debris, mold, mildew and algae. The high-pressure spraying required to wash away this buildup can rip apart screens and remove the delicate powder and anodized or painted coating on your aluminum support structures.

Once this protective coating is removed, repainting and recoating is not an option. You’re looking at an expensive replacement. That’s why regular cleaning from Mallard Systems is essential to prevent this destructive buildup to prolong the life of these structures.

Screened-in pool area before pressure washingScreened-in pool area after pressure washing
Pool deck before getting pressure washedPool deck after getting pressure washed

Keep Your Decks and Pool Areas Safe for Visitors

If you’re entertaining friends and family around a pool, deck or screened-in outdoor area, looks are important, but safety is essential. Besides being an eyesore, black mold and algae that likes to grow on the ground in the hot, humid Florida climate is extremely slippery and dangerous.

Once this growth blooms, it can be difficult to completely remove without damaging your Orlando home. We use low pressure to apply our proprietary “Duck Sauce” to chemically kill this growth, not just wash away the buildup you can see.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best pool deck cleaner?

    Cleaning your pool deck is both time consuming and difficult. Spend more time enjoying your pool deck in the great outdoors and less time cleaning it by leaving it to the pool deck cleaning experts at Mallard Systems!

  • How much does it cost for deck cleaning Orlando services?

    The cost for deck cleaning Orlando services depends on several factors, including the size of your pool deck and how much cleaning is needed. Request your free estimate today. Most of our clients will say their time is valuable, so letting our professionals clean it saves you time and lets you enjoy the area more.

  • What is the best way to clean a concrete pool deck?

    High pressure washing can damage your concrete pool deck. Trust our proprietary pool deck cleaning Orlando solution and safe, yet highly effective, softwashing technique to get your pool deck sparkling clean in no time!