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Roof Cleaning Orlando

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Experience. Expertise. Trust.

As your roof cleaning Orlando expert, we offer you the highest quality, safest and most effective roof cleaning throughout Central Florida with over 30 years of experience and roof cleaning expertise.

You get a brighter, cleaner home that you suddenly feel is years younger.

Locally owned and operated, we feature highly trained and licensed roof cleaning technicians combined with the most innovative softwash roof cleaning techniques to refresh and brighten the appearance of your home. In addition, you enjoy the best guarantee in the industry.

Roof Cleaning Orlando

We’ve built our reputation on exceptional Orlando roof cleaning that homeowners trust. We professionally clean all types of Orlando roofs, including tile roof cleaning, shingle roof cleaning, clay roof cleaning and metal roof cleaning. The combination of our proprietary roof cleaning process, product and professional team of specialists makes us the best choice in Orlando roof cleaning.

Pressure Washing

Love the look of your home as soon as you walk up with our expert pressure washing Orlando services. We’ll brighten and rejuvenate your Orlando property at a fraction of the cost of a repaint or extensive surface repair. You won’t believe the astounding transformation as we restore your driveway and walkways to their former glory.

Roof Sealing & Painting

We offer professional roof sealing and painting services to restore your Orlando roof and transform your curb appeal. With over 30 years of roof sealing and painting experience, your home can be the one that turns heads on any drive down your street. Our expert Orlando roof sealing and painting will help you achieve that “new roof” look at a fraction of the cost it would take to replace it!

Exterior Sealing & Painting

For over 30 years, we’ve been a trusted provider for low-pressure exterior building cleaning solutions to Orlando properties. We offer a wide range of expert exterior cleaning services, including house washing, driveway and walkway cleaning, and screen enclosure and pool deck cleaning. Our proprietary low-pressure chemical cleaning and sanitizing will keep your Orlando property looking like new year-round.

Before roof cleaning Orlando clay tileAfter roof cleaning Orlando clay tile

Feel Good with Roof Cleaning Orlando

If you’re thinking of hiring us for the first time, we know chances are high you will become a regular customer like thousands of Orlando homeowners. Over the past 30 years we have become a regular part of the home cleaning routine for people just like you. From roof cleaning to deck cleaning, you’ll love the look and feel of a refreshingly clean home.

We’re the preferred roof cleaning company of Orlando residents, as well as many well-known and highly respected companies and organizations that trust the high quality of our roof and exterior cleaning work.

Still Trying to Figure Out Who to Use for your Roof Cleaning?

Check out these considerations:

30 Years of Experience with More Than 100,000 Roofs Cleaned:

Our cleaning technicians, supervisors and managers have expertise cleaning all types of roofs and exteriors. We have seen it all and cleaned it all.

Gentle But Powerful Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning Technique:

We pioneered a safe and effective low-pressure softwash roof cleaning and sanitation method in Central Florida and we’ve been perfecting it ever since!

Mallard Systems Duck Only

Effective Proprietary “Duck Sauce” Roof Cleaning Solution:

Our specially formulated, proprietary cleaning solution, known affectionately as “Duck Sauce,” provides a perfect blend of powerful ingredients that gently and fully eliminate the ugly growth on your shingles or tiles, whether it be algae, mold or mildew. 

Safe Roof Cleaning for Tile, Shingle, Slate, Composite and Metal Roofs:

Our highly experienced team of roof cleaning specialists expertly cleans all types of roofs throughout Central Florida.

Expert Licensed and Insured Roof Cleaning Specialists:

Our advanced certifications and full insurance coverage ensure you receive the safe roof cleaning you expect.

One-Year Guarantee on All Roof Cleaning Services:

We offer a one-year guarantee on all roof cleaning services. This covers any extra visits from our roof cleaners to preserve your clean roof after the initial cleaning.

Our professional roof cleaning Orlando will make you fall in love with your home all over again. We’re committed to safe, effective and very affordable Orlando roof cleaning. Contact us today to schedule your free Orlando roof cleaning estimate!

Good Looks? Sure. But There's More to Our Professional Roof Cleaning

Getting your roof professionally cleaned from our roof cleaning Orlando experts is necessary to both enhance your home’s appearance and keep it in great overall condition year-round against the often-harsh Florida elements. The many benefits of our regular roof cleaning include:

Shingle roof before being cleaned

Eliminates Damaging Algae, Mildew and Mold Growth:

Professional Orlando roof cleaning eliminates those ugly black streaks and patches on your roof, and prevents damaging growths from coming back.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Roof:

Roof cleaning significantly prolongs the life of your roof by preventing degradation that could lead to expensive repairs or even premature roof replacement.

edge of Roof shingles on top of the house, dark asphalt tiles on the roof background.
Beautiful House in Florida

Boosts Your Home’s Curb Appeal:

Roof cleaning enhances the beauty of your home and makes your property the envy of the entire neighborhood. 

Prevents Pest Infestations:

Roof cleaning eliminates debris such as leaves, branches and dirt that attracts pest infestations and spread into your home.

Cleaning the roof, eaves, drainpipe and wall of the house against the sky
Sold Home For Sale Sign and New House

Increases Your Property Value:

Roof cleaning protects and significantly enhances your most important investment for years to come.

Add it all up and you can see, our professional roof cleaning can save you money on roof maintenance and repairs, while protecting your home’s interior from damage. Now that you know why professional roof cleaning is so important, don’t put it off any longer! Request a free estimate today.

Additional Services We Offer

In addition to professional Orlando roof cleaning, we offer you the following services to keep your home looking great all year long:

Exterior House Cleaning:

Maximize your curb appeal and totally transform the look of your property with our extensive package of exterior house cleaning services.

Driveway and Walkway Cleaning:

Our driveway and walkway cleaning service features our proprietary “duck sauce” cleaning solution, which safely eliminates algae and black mold buildup.

Roof Sealing and Painting:

Keep your roof looking brand-new and enjoy incredible savings on the costs associated with premature roof repair and replacement with our professional roof sealing and painting service.

Screen Enclosure and Pool Deck Cleaning:

Eliminate the buildup of mold, algae, mildew and debris that damages your property with our screen enclosure and pool deck cleaning service.

Maintenance Cleaning:

With our customized Home Cleaning Maintenance Program, you’ll enjoy peace-of-mind exterior house cleaning and sanitizing solutions that keep all the outdoor areas of your home looking amazing.

Shingle Rejuvenation:

Extend the life of your roof with our innovative shingle rejuvenation that restores your existing roof shingle flexibility using a quick, highly effective and environmentally safe solution.

House Washing:

Enjoy superior exterior house washing services that feature the combination of our professional team and innovative cleaning process.

Pressure Washing:

Witness the amazing transformation of your home’s exterior with our expert pressure washing services. Maximize curb appeal and protect your home from Florida’s harsh weather – all with a satisfaction guarantee.

Plant & Property protection guarantee

Our Softwash Techniques Protect Your Premises

We take every available precaution to protect your property during the softwash roof cleaning process. That involves using protective barriers to prevent any softwash solution from affecting your flower beds, shrubs and grass.

In the unlikely event that we should damage any plants or property during your roof or exterior cleaning, our Plant and Property Protection Guarantee covers the cost to fix the problem. This gives you extra peace of mind!

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Roof cleaning Orlando house
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Mallard specialist roof cleaning Orlando home
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