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Motivation for Pressure Washing During the Winter Months

Many responsibilities come with owning a home, and regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your home in the best condition possible. It can be tempting to slack off on exterior efforts during the winter months and save cleaning or upkeep until the spring or summer. However, the winter climate in Florida generates growth of algae, mold, and mildew, making pressure washing services in the winter important.

Pressure Washing During the Winter

Florida doesn’t experience the same icy, wintery conditions of other states around the country, leading to the need for continued upkeep on your home’s exterior. Mild weather is the perfect time to catch up on maintenance projects both as a proactive defense against damage and as a response to any issues that may have appeared over the past few months. Winter months don’t have rainstorms or windy conditions that wreak havoc during the other months of the year, presenting less concern that maintenance plans will be delayed.

Another benefit of pressure washing during the winter is the availability of services. Families are generally busy hosting gatherings during the summer and fall months, increasing the demand for service providers during these peak seasons. There are fewer conflicts when scheduling your house and property to be pressure washed with fewer people hosting outdoor activities.

Mold and mildew develop quickly under ideal conditions, and the weather patterns and humidity levels in Florida often accelerate minor problems with mold. Left unaddressed, damaging buildups of mildew and mold can destroy wood or vinyl siding. Pressure washing removes dirt, grime, and other substances that contribute to staining, discoloration, and damage.

Pressure Washing Professionals

For a complete line of pressure washing services with absolute professionalism, trust your home to Mallard Systems. Our unique cleaning formula removes the most stubborn elements safely and swiftly. Give us a call at (407)-392-9401 to schedule your cleaning.