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Power Washing Protects Stone

How Power Washing Protects Stone

Stone surfaces add organic textures and beautiful colors to any outdoor installation, whether for patio surfaces, walls, or walkways. However, regular foot traffic and exposure to the elements can diminish the beauty of your stone.  Power washing is an ideal cleaning method to keep your stone surfaces in excellent condition for years to come.

To Identify Damages 

Stone installments are known for their durability, but they can still be damaged. If the stone is covered with lichen, moss, dirt, or other debris, it is challenging to identify repair areas. Pressure washing clears the surfaces and makes damages visible. Assessing damages early means that stones can be repaired rather than replaced; creating an even patina among your stones is a process that only natural aging can often achieve and replacement stone can be an eyesore.

To Remove Build-Up

Build-up also creates significant damages. Depending on what material has come in contact with your stone surfaces, a chemical reaction could be occurring without your knowledge. Reactions cause wear and damage to surfaces that require repair and often complete replacement; hard water, lawnmower or grill oils and grease, pool chlorine and salt, and other spills cause stains that can be treated with regular power washing.

To Extend Enjoyment

Builders and homeowners know that stone surfaces are an investment. Protecting your stone surfaces with regular care and maintenance will extend their life. Power washing keeps stone clean, in repair, and aesthetically appealing for you and your guests to enjoy without worrying about slips and falls from damaged or uneven stone.

Mallard Systems is proud to offer residential pressure washing services in Orlando and Orange County, Florida. To learn more about the full range of the services available, contact the professionals at Mallard Systems by calling (407) 960-1766 or (877) 382-5620.