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Solar Panel Cleaning Orlando

Expert Solar Panel Cleaning Orlando:

Get More Solar Power. Save More Money.

For the past 30+ years, Mallard Systems has been your trusted experts for professional roof cleaning Orlando and exterior house cleaning services throughout Central Florida.

Now, we are utilizing our roof cleaning experience and delicate material expertise to introduce a comprehensive new solar panel cleaning service in Orlando.

This expansion of our roof and exterior cleaning offerings into solar panel cleaning is a natural fit since safely and carefully cleaning easily damaged materials high off the ground is our expertise.

You may not see it, but bird droppings, pollen, tree sap, dead insects and even leaves will harden and block the light from your solar panels. You can’t just clean those off with water despite what you read online.

Researchers at the University of California left solar panels on a roof for 145 days without cleaning. Their findings? The panels’ energy generation efficiency dropped by 7.4%. Less power means less savings. 

If you are seeking to maximize the performance and lifespan of your solar energy investment to dramatically reduce your long-term energy costs and environmental impact, look no further!

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Choose the Safest Solar Panel Cleaning Orlando Solution

At Mallard Systems, our dedicated team of full-time, trained, insured cleaning specialists utilizes the most innovative technology and powerful cleaning solutions to gently remove nature’s built-up grime, restoring your solar panels to peak power efficiency.

Here’s what sets our solar panel cleaning Orlando services apart:

As a local business that has cleaned more than 100,000 roofs in Central Florida over the past three decades, we understand what’s necessary when it comes to fragile materials high above the ground.

We pioneered a safe and effective low-pressure cleaning and sanitation method in Central Florida using our proprietary “Duck Sauce” cleaning solution. We’ve been perfecting it ever since!

Our fully trained and insured solar panel cleaning Orlando specialists provide comprehensive services without damaging your solar panels or surrounding areas.

We thoroughly clean your solar panels while protecting your home from any damage with our Plant and Property Protection Guarantee.

Enjoy the convenience of free, no-obligation estimates for our solar panel cleaning Orlando services.

We are confident you’ll be thrilled with your solar panel cleaning Orlando results. Our solar panel cleaning services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. So you can relax and know your solar panels are in good hands.

Clean Solar Panels Generate More Power

Solar panels are a significant investment. Keeping them clean is crucial for getting your maximum savings.

Nature isn’t kind to solar panels. Over time, dust, dirt, bird droppings and other debris can accumulate on the panel surfaces, blocking sunlight and reducing energy production by up to 30%.

According to MarketWatch, “Regular cleaning helps keep your solar panels operating at optimal capacity, which means your system generates its expected electricity output. A dirty solar energy system does not operate at maximum efficiency, which can result in higher power bills and, as a result, a longer payback period.”

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Unseen Benefits of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

By keeping solar panels clean and operating optimally, you’ll reap numerous benefits through our professional solar panel cleaning Orlando service such as:

Dust, dirt and debris block sunlight. This reduces the ability of your solar panels to generate electricity. Regular professional solar panel cleaning allows them to operate at optimal capacity and produce maximum energy output.

Neglecting to clean your solar panels leads to premature wear and tear, reducing their overall lifespan. That’s why maintaining a professional solar panel cleaning maintenance schedule is essential.

By keeping your solar panels operating at peak efficiency through regular cleaning, you get the most value from your solar power investment through lower electricity bills and faster payback periods.

Clean, well-maintained solar panels enhance the overall look of your Orlando home and increase your property value. Dirt and debris are eyesores that detract from your home’s aesthetic appearance.

Many solar panel manufacturers require regular professional cleaning to maintain warranty coverage. Neglecting regular solar panel cleaning could void your warranty.

According to Horan & Bird, “Regular solar panel cleaning and maintenance plays a large role in the maximization and longevity of your system. Regular health checks keep your panels clear of obstructions and in optimal condition, ensuring you get the most cost savings possible.”

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Don’t let dirt and debris hold back your solar energy production. At Mallard Systems, we’re committed to safe, effective and affordable Orlando solar panel cleaning. Contact us for your free solar panel cleaning estimate.

Free fast estimates, insured and trained employees and great customer service. It’s easy to check “Get Solar Panels Cleaned” off your to-do list today.

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