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When Should I Repaint My Home?

Depending on the factors below, a repaint may be needed as soon as 3 years after the previous paint. However, paint may last 10-15 years before needing a new paint job. It’s wise to periodically inspect your home for signs that it’s time to repaint, such as fading, chipping, peeling, or signs of damage like wood rot or mold. Addressing issues promptly can help maintain your home’s appearance and protect it from further damage.

Mallard provides exterior cleaning services to maintain the beauty of your home and maximize the lifetime of your paint.

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Type of Siding

Wood siding typically needs repainting sooner than other siding materials. Stucco and cement fiberboard siding (Hardie Board) are very durable and may not need to be repainted for a longer period. Vinyl siding has color throughout the material and may not need to be repainted at all unless a color change is desired.

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Homes in areas with harsh weather conditions (extreme heat, cold, humidity, or salt air) may need to be painted more frequently.

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Regular cleaning to remove algae, bug debris, mildew, and environmental contaminants can extend the life of a paint job.

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Paint Quality

High-quality paint can extend the time between repaints. The quality of the surface preparation before the previous paint is also a very important factor.

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Sun Exposure

Surfaces that receive a lot of sun exposure tend to fade and deteriorate faster. The shaded or north side of your house won’t get as much sun and tend to be damp. This can lead to algae and mildew growth that can also deteriorate paint.

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