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Tile Roof Painting & Sealing

Make Your Roof Look New Again with Expert Roof Painting

Tile roofs are popular throughout Florida and much of the world because of their visual appeal and the protection they offer. Sanitized roof painting not only keeps your tile roof looking its best, but it also saves you from the costs of premature roof repair and replacement.

A clay tile roof before sealing and paintingA clay tile roof after sealing and painting

Tile Roof Painting and Sealing Results

The roof of a house before sealing and paintingThe roof of a house after sealing and painting

Revive Your Faded Tile Roof with Professional Roof Painting

Tile roofs are incredibly susceptible to color deterioration, especially here in the intense Orlando sunshine and humidity. Over time, the color on your tile roof can develop a splotchy appearance as the color fades, and the bare grayish concrete color starts to peek through.

These exposed concrete areas are breeding grounds for mold and algae growth, which encourages greenish-black mildew stains. Although this color degradation does not affect the structural integrity of the tile, it severely devastates the aesthetic beauty of your roof altogether. If your concrete tile roof suffers from color deterioration, you may not need to replace it. In most cases, concrete tile roofs can be re-coated and painted to return your roof to its original beauty.

How We Transform Your Roof with Painting and Cleaning Services

When cleaning the algae off your tile roof is not enough, we provide the sanitized roof painting services you need to restore your roof and transform your curb appeal. We start with a careful surface prep, which includes a low-pressure chemical cleaning to remove mold, mildew and algae. Then we perform a gentle, high-pressure cleaning and sanitization to eliminate debris and roof surface anomalies.

Once your tile roof is clean, sanitized and smooth, we seal and condition your tiles using treatments specifically designed for your type of concrete tile roof. Like any roof painting job, the quality of the cleaning and tile painting dramatically contributes to the results. We use only industry-proven products and a multi-step process to restore and sanitize your roof beautifully.

A tile roof before sealing and paintingA tile roof after sealing and painting
A clay tile roof before it has been sealed and paintedA clay tile roof that has been sealed and painted

Schedule Your Free Roof Painting Estimate Today

Because the costs are so dependent on the particular needs of your home, the best way to get an accurate sanitized roof painting estimate for your tile roof is to schedule an inspection by one of our experts.

At Mallard Systems, we’ll come to your home, inspect your roof, and provide you with a personalized, highly accurate sanitized roof painting estimate you can trust— all for free. Schedule your free estimate, today!

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